Carlos Perón Cano

Carlos Perón Cano has behind a work already considerable.
His "Alpha looks" reveals a good control of audio material

Luis Suñén, El

The music of Carlos is that difficult point of being, at once,
classic and contemporary. This is undoubtedly due to a deep
understanding of musical language in all its facets and a great
creative sensibility. In addition, his music applied to movies
has the merit to connect and get an inseparable
part of the images by highlighting its deepest sense

José Nieto (b.1942, composer of music film)

Dear Carlos Perón Cano, I listened with great interest
your recorded works and I enjoyed all of them for their sensitivity
and their harmonic sense, for your minimalist postulates.
Congratulations and always ahead!

Antón García Abril (famous Spanish contemporary composer)

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